2019 – the year to shine (and cuddle puppies)

2019 – the year to shine (and cuddle puppies)

I will own this 100% - I have been super slack in giving my love to Cloud Nine over the past year! With a whirlwind 2018 that involved change, heartache, growth, epic moments of joy, huge energetic shifts, and a whole new life direction, I have gained clarity around what I want to do with Cloud Nine this year and hold onto your mala beads…coz its gonna be epic! I am so incredibly grateful for the lessons and experiences I had last year, that completely cracked me open and I know that 2019 is the year to shine!

As the owner of a business, mum of 2, and until recently, the manager of a health club, my life was beyond hectic. I spread myself far too thin and wasn’t able to show up where and when I wanted to. So I’ve set out to change all that, and am super excited to have made a commitment to myself, and to the Cloud Nine tribe to be more present on social media, blog often, host events and to make the store even more epic!  

I don’t make new year’s resolutions as I always say ‘nothing in my life needs to be resolved’ but I do love to set intentions! So, this year I intend to complete my study by March (Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy) and I will complete my NLP Human Potential Practitioner Coaching course by mid-year. I will be opening a clinic in Brisbane and it will include a shop front, will all the goodies I have online available in a store!

To start the year one thing I got super clear on was my values. I believe it is so important to know your core values and reassess every so often to see if you’re honouring them, or if you need to make some changes in your life. I grabbed a whiteboard marker and did an epic download onto my huge bathroom mirror, writing down my main values, and what branched from those. Then I matched it up to how I was living my life and where shifts needed to be made. One of my highest values is Self-Love, and with that comes honouring myself in every possible way, so although it was hard, I let go of a few things that were weighing me down, and within a day the energic shift I had was huge. During the shift I swam in the ocean, meditated and was super gentle on myself whilst I surrendered to the shift. There’s a beautiful feeling that comes over your whole being when you’re genuinely true to yourself and your beliefs and when you choose to honour yourself in every way.  

There are big big changes coming in 2019 for everyone! 2018 was about making big shifts, and not always fun ones, and 2019 will be a lighter and more energetic one. We had some crazy eclipses last year that really tested all aspects of our lives but set us up for an exciting and more grounded 2019.

I am starting my year strong, focused and vibing high! I also plan to hug as many random cute puppies as possible! How gorgeous is Loki, a Frenchie I met when I was out to brunch with a girlfriend?! 

 I truly hope your year ahead is jam-packed with amazing adventures, lots of sunshine and endless moments that warm your heart!


Jen xx

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