I love CCOC!

I love CCOC!

For those that don’t know...⠀

I love CCOC!! 

Crystal Clear Open Communication. ⠀

In business, as a coach, in friendships, relationships, colleagues, family... everything. Since getting clear on communication being one of my highest values, I nutted out what it really it mean to me (pardon the pun 😜). ⠀

As a truth seeker and truth speaker, communication is so important to me. If I’m working with someone, all cards are laid out. If I’m dating someone, all cards are laid out. If I’m doing business with someone, all cards are laid out. I’ve learnt to say exactly what I want to say (at times, still a work in progress) and deliver it in a way that sees me speaking my truth and moving the words from my heart instead of just my head (also a work in progress). To me, open communication is a sign of respect for myself and for the other person. ⠀

What I’ve found by speaking clearly and openly is that I’m not hiding anything, I can step comfortably into vulnerability, I can speak from my heart, I can ask for what I want, I can communicate my boundaries, I don’t hold back with fear, people know where they stand with me and what needs to be said gets said! ⠀

What I have also found is I align well with others that also love CCOC. 2 people conversing from a state of CCOC is thoroughly enjoyable! 😊

My ex (the children’s Dad) and I have recently started CCOC’ing on such a deep level that it has helped us so much in our individual personal growth, and to build further on our relationship of co-parents. From this space there is less tension, less and anger and less frustration, and more empathy, more compassion and more understanding. ⠀

When I do business I speak about what I can bring to the table, what my boundaries are, and what my goals are. ⠀

When getting to know someone on the dating scene we can openly speak about what we want and move forward if we align in values and desires.

So I’d love to hear from you - do you like CCOC? Or the sound of CCOC? Where in your life do you feel you’re holding back saying exactly what you what to say, and how can you clearly communicate openly and from your heart? Drop me a comment in the box below! 

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