Himalayan Salt Lamp (marble base)

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Beautiful, ambient and relaxing. Himalayan Salt Lamps release healthy negative ions into the air, counteracting positive ions from electrical equipment around the home and office.

The air is purified which means airborne bacteria, mould, viruses and allergens as well as respiritory irritants and asthma triggers cannot survive in the negatively charged environment. Naturally removes odours from the air and is ideal for any room in the house. Includes power cable and globe.

Our salt lamps are crafted with a marble base instead of timber. Timber requires fumigation on entry to our country, thus adding chemicals and toxins to the lamp. The marble base won't swell if moisture gets onto it like timber would, makes it easy to clean by wiping any dust away with ease and creates a high-end piece for your space. 




Small: 2 - 3kg

Medium: 3 - 5kg

Large: 5 - 6kg

Extra Large: 6 - 7kg

Super Large: 7 - 8kg

Super Extra Large: 8 - 11 kg  

Mega: 11 - 13kg


It is safe and beneficial to leave your lamp on at all times. Do not place lamp near water, a fish tank or evaporative cooler. In a warm or tropical/humid environment its normal for the lamp to feel like its sweating. Pop a towel or plate underneath it if needed. Avoid having the lamp sitting directly on a wooden surface. Always keep the lamp in a warm, dry place. If you need to switch off your lamp or transport it, wrap it up in a plastic bag then in a towel as it’ll start to sweat. The lamp can become dangerous if left switched off and not wrapped in a towel, as the lamp will sweat and can drip onto the electrical cable. Always allow the lamp to fully dry both on the outside and in the bulb cavity before switching on again. Failure to do this can cause the cavity to sweat and drip onto the globe causing it to blow and potentially create an electrical hazard. Always ensure the lamp is unplugged when changing the globe.

The globe recommended for the lamps is up to a 15watt pilot globe. It draws very minimal energy. As the globes used in Himalayan salt lamps are incandescent globes and meant to be kept in a stationary position. If moved or exposed to vibration they are likely to pop. It is recommended to keep a few spare globes handy to replace as soon as you notice its blown to avoid the lamp sweating.

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