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Welcome to Cloud Nine Health and Wellness.
We believe Health and Wellness isn't just kale smoothies and yoga classes (its a great start!) but it's about LIFE, BODY, MIND AND SPACE. Items you use in your day to day life to improve your health, products you put on your body, meditation and positive mind set as well as having beautiful things around you. 
Head to LIFE for environmentally friendly goodies that you use in your day to day life, including water purifiers that remove choline and fluoride, toxic-free cleaning products (that still actually clean!) and reusable necessities like straws, KeepCups, bento boxes and produce bags. Enjoy saving the environment while saving money!
Pop over to the BODY page for the amazingly delicious and super healthy range of Amazonia Raw products, toxic-free skincare for all ages, including a specialised teens pack, beautiful lotions and sunscreen for your bub to protect their precious skin as well as some fun charcoal items!
On the MIND page you'll find our pick of things to calm your mind and assist in your meditation process. If you have seen the Chi Meditation Seat you have to check it out! It's like sitting on a really supportive cloud! 
Over on the SPACE page you'll discover lots of colour and affirmations to brighten your space including wall hangings and banners. We have a huge range of Himalayan Salt Lamps from 2 to 13kgs, crystal lamps plus our amazing aromatherapy diffusers! We are a little obsessed with mandalas so you'll find bed spreads and doona covers.
Looking for the most amazing essential oils?! We only stock doTERRA as we personally use them, love them and want to share them with the world! Want to join our tribe? Get in touch as we'd love to welcome you on board to our team to enjoy the goodness of the oils and you can earn money and rewards along the way!
Thank you so much for visiting Cloud Nine Health and Wellness. We wish you all the best for a happy and healthy day!