Hydration and Alkalinity

We are made of water...practically 70%!! So making sure the ‘you that is water’ is alive and alkaline is important to your wellbeing and longevity.

Specifically, it affects:

  • Inflammation & your ability to recover from injuries 
  • Your metabolism, digestion, hormones
  • Your immunity, wellbeing & disease resilience 
  • Your energy & vitality

Are you ready to look and feel younger?

Are you ready to reverse disease and accelerate your health with just one simple change?

We’ve all heard hydration is important (and we are supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day!)… yet there is SOOO MUCH more to the story!

Did you know how many harmful toxins and chemicals are in your tap water?

Did you know that your bottled water is literally dead and acidic which contribute to an environment of disease in your body?

Did you know that even natural spring water (collected straight from the spring!) doesn’t have what it takes to get deep into your cells to cleanse, nourish and hydrate them??

Most people don’t know that the water you’re drinking is dead, acidic and could be slowly killing you.

The toxins that are in our water and our food are a huge part of what creates disease and harm the quality of people’s lives.

What if you could turn the whole thing around in one simple decision that could affect the majority of your life and your loved ones? Would you be interested in finding the solutions?

There is an alternative!

Alive water has become one of the most powerful longevity secrets in Japan with specific water products prescribed for medical treatment. Japan has the highest life expectancy of any country on the planet and have long been known for its groundbreaking technology and innovation.

These health and wealth breakthroughs using water are the result of over 40 years of research and technological development and demonstrate that - when correctly utilised - alive water is truly the “fountain of youth” and has the power to cleanse, detoxify, energise and support healing and longevity for you and those you care about.

We'd love to see you at one of our FREE events! 

We PROMISE to share with you

★ The 3 Foundation Pillars of Health You Want to Be Experiencing Everyday

★ How to Bring More Presence and Aliveness to Your Life NOW!

★ The Cutting Edge of Research into Detoxification and Cellular Health

★ Alkalinity vs Acidity and Why this is Essential to Understanding Combating Disease

★ How to Tell if your Water is Dead or Alive - and What This Means for Your Life & Longevity!Plus

Live Demonstrations to Show You the Shocking Truth about the Water and Liquids you are drinking - see the evidence for yourself (bring your favourite water we can test if you are keen!)

This event is FOR YOU if you ...

● Value Living in a Body and Mind that is Cleansed of Toxins (yes your brain is about 70% water!)

● Are a High Performer Wanting More Energy, Vitality, Focus, Creativity and Productivity

● Are Suffering from a Health Condition and Know that a Lifestyle Change is a Key Part of Turning Things Around for you

● Health and Wellness Practitioners and Health Innovators Looking for Effective Ways to Support their Clients Create More Health and Vitality

● Would like another income stream added in a way that serves at the highest level with transparency and integrity

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*** Note: We don’t like surprises more than you...

So, it’s important for us to share in advance that we are going to be introducing some amazing water technology products on the night. Originating in Japan the manufacturer of these machines has been in operation for over 43 years, with its products certified as medical grade devices for use in hospitals. Due to the suppression of natural approaches in Australia, it's not something that has generally reached our medical community, so you won't likely hear about this from your doctor as you might in Japan (yes there are Japanese doctors that will prescribe this water as treatment!).

We run these free events as we believe there is so much incredible information to learn and we want to share it as much as possible so everyone can learn and understand what’s possible for them. When you join us at the event, there is no pressure to buy if it’s not of interest. We trust that the right people will resonate with the information that is shared when it’s right for them and want our community to be built on mutual respect, trust, and collaboration.

The products are sold through independent distributors - like us - who do get paid commissions on our sales. If you are looking for an ethical product that benefits the world to make an additional revenue the product and compensation plan is very appealing. We do love working with business builders who want an awesome product aligned with their values - and are happy to share that and support those that are keen. Yet no part of this is necessary for those wanting to simply come and learn more or those who take action to purchase a machine and start enjoying better health and vitality!