Meet Jen


Hello Beautiful Soul!

I am Jen, the creator of Cloud Nine Health and Wellness. First of all, I'd love to extend my gratitude to you for visiting my website and supporting an Australian business. 

Health and wellness to me has always encompassed Life, Body, Mind and Space, and I’ve brought these 4 elements together to help you truly transform your life. I honestly believe that health and wellness isn't just about eating well or just exercising - its also about how the space around you makes you feel, your environmental impact, your thoughts and mindset and much more. Imagine if by making a few changes in your life could make you always feel on Cloud Nine! ;-)

Cloud Nine first started as just an online store around 7 years ago as I couldn't find an online store with a variety of toxic-free products for my skin, home, and day to day life, or anything that wasn't just skincare, or just homewares or just books. So I set about creating a one-stop-shop for all the beautiful products I use, recommend and love! You can find all the shop items here under LIFE.

At the start of 2019 I discovered the benefits of the keto diet and intermittent/extended fasting. I’d followed a keto diet for a short period of time and, under the guidance of professional coaches, did a 3 day water-only fast. It was a huge eye-opener for me, I didn’t realise the incredible benefits of being in ketosis, including using fat as fuel, off the charts energy, amazing sleep and incredible mental clarity. Unfortunately due to my lifestyle, I didn’t find the diet sustainable. That’s when I discovered exogenous ketones… basically, I can get into a state of ketosis without needing to follow the diet! (I know, sounds almost too good to be true!). Head over to the BODY tab to learn more about this!

I’ve always been fascinated by mindset and the incredible power of the mind. Between meditation, breath work, sound healings and the power of intention, I love diving inwards and finding the balance between silence and listening to what is going on inside! I started diving into Quantum physics and consciousness in recent years and that lead me on the path to being a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, and recently completing my Advanced Certificate in ThetaHealing. I am truly blown away by the incredible changes I’ve had within myself and have facilitated for my clients from doing the inner work - changing thought patterns, breaking beliefs and creating new neural pathways can change your life in ways that are almost unimaginable! If you head to the MIND page you’ll see the different modalities I work with and if you feel called to work together, follow the links to the booking page.

I believe nothing is by coincidence; that everything happens for a reason, and we always cross paths with those who are truly meant to be in our lives. If you would like to connect or collaborate then feel free to drop me a line on the CONTACT page.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for being here, being amazing, and being unapologetically YOU! 

Stay soulful, stay grounded, stay cosmic. 

Jen xx