Chakra Affirmation Cards and Crystal Set

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The word Chakra comes from Sanskrit, meaning 'wheel' and described as a spinning vortex or 'wheel of light' of biophysical energy interacting with various physiological and neurological systems in the body. Each of the seven main Chakras has it's own vibrational frequency and depicted through a specific colour and symbol. At times your Chakras may be unbalanced or blocked, so visualise your Chakras being cleansed and cleared while holding the crystal related to that Chakra and reading the affirmations on the card. Continue to do throughout the day or over a few days until you feel the blockage has shifted. You can intuitively draw a card at any time and say the affirmations, knowing that is the perfect card for your at the moment. 

The cards and crystals come in a beautiful pouch (styles may vary) to keep them safe and secure so you can carry them around with you each day. We recommend placing the crystals under the light of a full moon or near a selenite crystal to cleanse them regularly. 

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