Chi Meditation Seat
Chi Meditation Seat
Chi Meditation Seat
Chi Meditation Seat
Chi Meditation Seat
Chi Meditation Seat

Chi Meditation Seat

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Sit down. Switch off. Relax.

Breathe in the benefits

Many of us find sitting cross-legged uncomfortable due to the pressure it places on our bodies. The Chi Meditation Seat has been designed to alleviate many of these issues, making sitting upright easier, more enjoyable and pain free. Now anyone can meditate and improve their general wellbeing. Normally, sitting cross-legged…
  • Places pressure on neck and shoulders
  • Places pressure on lower back
  • Places pressure on knees
  • Places pressure on ankles
  • Places pressure on feet and instep
  • Places pressure on the pelvis
  • Incorrect body alignment by tilting your pelvis forward

Improve your wellbeing

The Chi Seat allows you to sit in the ancient lotus position in total comfort. In basic terms, the lotus position is when you sit cross-legged with a straight spine. This sitting position is perfect for meditation, relaxation and general wellbeing. Chi Seat benefits:
  • Relieves pressure on the ankles and knees
  • Relieves pressure on lower back
  • Relieves pressure on your hips and pelvis
  • Relieves pressure on neck and shoulders
  • Straightens your spine
  • Stimulates your internal organs
  • Increases awareness and attentiveness
  • Calms your mind and reduces anxiety
  • Restores energy levels

Inhale, exhale, relax

Just 10 minutes of meditation a day can improve your general well-being and transform your life, giving you a calmer mind and a more peaceful outlook on life. Reducing anxiety and worry is just the beginning. Other benefits include:
Emotional Wellbeing and Meditation
  • Lessens worry, anxiety & impulsivity
  • Lessens stress, fear, loneliness & depression
  • Enhances self-esteem & self-acceptance
  • Improves resilience against pain & adversity
  • Increases optimism & relaxation awareness
Healthier Body and Meditation
  • Improves immune system & energy levels
  • Improves breathing & heart rate
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Lessens inflammation in your body
  • Lessens premenstrual & menopausal syndrome
  • Increased skin health
Super Mind and Meditation
  • Increases mental strength & focus
  • Better cognitive skills & creative thinking
  • Better decision making & problem solving
  • Improved patience

A Pregnant Woman’s best friend

The Chi Meditation seat has been ergonomically designed for cloud-like comfort during your pregnancy. It places your body in its correct alignment while removing pressure from your neck and shoulders, lower back, pelvis, knees, instep and feet. Breathe in the benefits:
  • Relieves pressure on your neck and shoulders
  • Relieves pressure on your lower back
  • Relieves pressure on your hips and pelvis
  • Relieves pressure on your knees
  • Relieves pressure on your feet and instep
  • Lengthens your spine

Cloud-like comfort

The Chi Mediation Seat is covered with a supple and durable new age CU material called Earth Shield, which looks and feels like real leather, is soft to the touch and easy to clean. Plus, it comes with a three-year warranty. On the inside, Chi has the strength of a steel tubing structure with premium sofa foam padding. The Chi Meditation Seat is strong yet portable, weighing only 7kg and measuring 81cm wide x 66 cm deep x 26 cm high. Recommended weight limit 140kg.

Love it Guarantee

Your Chi Meditation Seat comes with a Love It or Your Money Back Guarantee. Please email us at within 7 days of delivery if you are not in love with your seat along with a reason why you are not enjoying your seat. Please give us the chance to resolve any issues. Your seat needs to be returned in its original package in as new condition.

We are so confident that you will fall in love with your Chi Seat, we offer a no questions asked MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If for some reason you don’t love your seat, we’ll refund the purchase price. It’s that simple.