Liquid Sparkles Taster Pack - 5 & 10 day

Taster Pack

So you've heard of liquid sparkes aka exogenous ketones, and want to sample the flavours to see which one you love the most?! 

Choose from the different options in the drop-down menu and we'll get them out to you. 

*WARNING* you may experience side effects like feeling limitless, energetic and perhaps a little invincible. Your mind may be super clear and may concentrate like never before.  As you will be in fat-burning mode, be prepared to feel lighter around the edges. You may start to notice more muscle definition and be able to lift heavier at the gym. Chances are your libido will increase too, and your orgasms will be more intense (true story - check out my interview with health coach Brad Rasmus about my personal experience with ketones and orgasms here)

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