Salty Goodness Pack


Salt, salt and more salt! Its amazing for your skin, the air you breathe and the ambience in your space.

The Salty Goodness Pack contains:

1x small Himalayan salt lamp with marble base

- Purifies the air

- Naturally removes odours and airborne bacteria, mould and allergens 

1x Himalayan salt tea light candle holder

- Creates an ambient glow 

- Emits negative ions into the air

1x Himalayan salt cleansing bar 

- Naturally kills bacteria so can be used when washing hands

- Can help control skin conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis and dermatitis 


- Please Note - 

The salt lamp can stay on at all times and is recommend to. If you need to turn it off, it can sweat in humid conditions. Wrap the lamp up in a plastic bag then a towel until you can switch it on again. After using the tea light candle holder, wrap in a towel when not in use to avoid it sweating. Do not leave the detox/cleansing bar in a wet area like the shower on basin as it will dissolve.